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Helmut Krackie

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"Wanting something beyond my figure-drawing class at SVA, I went down stairs to the hardware store and purchase masking tape and spray paint. I created my first “layers” painting that day in the style that I currently work. I paint with tape. Tape is the vehicle that allows me to express myself with color and movement. This is where the character of the painting is created revealing intertwining, unwinding textural layers underneath. I alternate painted acrylic layers with strategically placed tape, sometimes up to eight layers on a painting. Each layer is a separate color revealed when all the tape is removed. Although the fluidity of the pieces may appear to be random, they are planned with the flow of color depending on my emotions. Nothing is airbrushed. Upon closer inspection, one is able to see and feel the complex and emotional intensity that is revealed."

-  Helmut Krackie

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Studio Visit

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"I have been exhibiting my art since 1998, and live and work in NYC. In 2001, I met Kazuko Miyamoto, owner of Gallery Onetwentyeight. I had walked past many times and one day I went in. To my surprise there was a Sol Lewett on the wall. I was living on Rivington Street, the same street as the Gallery. Rivington Street in the 1990s was still pretty rough and to find a Sol Lewett for sale was a big surprise.

 I took a couple of paintings for her to see, she said she liked them asked if I wanted to be in a group show. Being in a show in NYC was a really big deal to me back then. I have shown every year since, three or four times a year. I have also hung quite a few shows including Rock paper scissors, September 15, 2016; Summersalt, July 6, 2016; East and East, November 18, 2015; what’s so great about Reality, Oct. 14, 2015; R,aciality Aug. 14, 2016; and Summer Show Rules, June 5, 2015.

 By 2006, I started expanding my scope of shows. In addition to Gallery 128, I began exhibiting at Sideshow Gallery’s annual group show in January, Williamsburg Art and Historical (WAH) Center’s annual Postcards From The Edge, and NYU Small Works Show. At NYU, I received a First Place nomination (judge was Molly Barnes) out of over 3,000 entrants.

 In 2001, I picked up painting again still using masking tape. I exhibited in local shows and worked full-time in a graphic studio. In 2010, Caroline, my life partner of 30 years, was diagnosed with ALS. I spent four years being in her caregiver. She died in 2014. The four years of her illness left me broken. The threat of eviction loomed. I was laid off from my day job and could barely make ends meet."

- Helmut Krackie

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About Helmut

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  • Lives: New York, USA
  • Education: School of Visual Arts, NYC USA Fine Arts
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Recent Exhibitions

  • The Fun Food Show Gallery OneTwentyEight, New York, NY, 2017
  • 17th Annual Williamsburg Art & Historical Center Members Sh, 2017

  • The Fun Food Show Gallery OneTwentyEight, New York, NY, 2016

  • 17th Annual Williamsburg Art & Historical Center Members Show, Brooklyn, NY, 2016

  • The Spring Show Gallery 490, Brooklyn, NY, 2016

  • The Wagons Annual Group Show, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, 2016

  • 2015 Summer Show Rules Gallery OneTwentyEight, New York, NY, 2015

  • Jingle, Jangel, Jungel Part I, Gallery OneTwentyEight, New York, NY, 2015

  • HYPERCALLIGRAPHIC, Gallery OneTwentyEight, New York, NY, 2015

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"Mr. Krackie designed proprietary elements in development for the Theme Park Industry; He proved effective in implementation with talent. Helmut contributed to the over-all project adding visionary elements through hand-drawn renderings. Seeing his vast fine art works prior to contracting him, I knew he would deliver. Looking forward to working with him again." - John Lance Harrison

"I worked with Helmut previously and found him to be very intuitive, creative and detailed in his approach to the projects at hand. I hope to work with him again in the future because I found that he was one of those rare types that exudes a certain calmness. A great pleasure to work with." - Bruce Palmenta

"Helmut is one of of not the best artists around!" - Eric Grinsburg