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Max Yawney

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"This project presents two disparate elements in an effort to provide an untenable situation for the viewer. The distinction between the two elements (paintings, photographs, sculptures, etc...) is crafted in a manner similar to writing a poem or a song. A poet will struggle with the word to word connections similar to a composer placing note after note in succession. The particular qualities of each element, size, imagery and materials are assigned so as to temper each element against the other, ultimately yielding a particular aesthetic experience. 

The use of distinction as the subject matter aligns the artwork with the context of the viewer in that we function based on our continual stream of perceptual discernment of the distinctions in the world around us. Our intellectual development is an amalgamation of these distinctions, thus the platform for understanding that which we are currently experiencing is linked to the context of our lived experience."

- Max Yawney

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Studio Visit

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"The differences inherent within any comparison are traces of the events, which occurred, ultimately describing the purity of the cause and effect collection amounting to the elements of the comparison. The difference does not define any meaning which has been applied to the cause and effect scenario. The clarity of the activity which brought about the situation is exposed in comparative analysis, the notion of significance is an event which must be applied with linguistic detail, as an added layer of engagement with the elements being compared.
Thinking that precedes perception and action is causal thinking, devised events or intention. The editing of intention occurs after perception of the action, “That wasn’t my intention.”
The use of suggestion to interpret perceptual activity confuses the looker / seer paradigm. A person receives a prediction from a psychic that they don’t believe, then the predicted event actually occurs, and this confuses the person’s sense of being. Exposure to advertisements and advice from a friend or a therapist are other examples which can provide extra-intellectual mechanics for use in navigating perceptual information.
Perception formed by an unconscious state (a dream or a coma etc.) confuses the simple looker / seer ordering. The understanding informed by a direct unconscious state, that is one in which the perceiver is considered unconscious, accesses the tools of control and memory in a different manner, as intention may be differently directed."

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About Max

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  • Lives: Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • Education:  Long Island University Brookville, NY- MFA, Painting, 1998;
    Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, NY- BFA, Photography, 1986 
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Selected Exhibitions 

  • Soap Box Gallery, two person show, Brooklyn, NY, 2015
  • Saunders Farm Project, Sculpture Installation, August through October, Garrison, NY, 2015
  • Lorimoto Gallery, open call large group show, Brooklyn, NY, 2015
  • Abigail Ogilvy Gallery, Salon show, Boston, MA, 2015
  • Lorimoto Gallery, Group show, Brooklyn, NY, 2014
  • Kim Foster Gallery, L’aventura- Group show, NY, NY, 2014
  • Saunders Farm Project, Sculpture Installation, August through October, Garrison, NY, 2014

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